Cambridge Homeschool FAQ

Cambridge Homeschool FAQ

1. What syllabus do you offer?

  • We offer Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus.  This includes Cambridge Primary (Year 1 to Year 6), Cambridge Lower Secondary (Year 7 to Year 9) and IGCSE Foundation (Year 10 to Year 11)

2. After students completed their IGCSE, where can they further their studies?

  • They can join any local or foreign colleges that offer A levels (UK/British Qualification), Australian Matriculation or American Degree Transfer Program. After that, they can go to any Universities in the world. 

3. If students discontinue at your homeschool, are they able to continue in any other homeschool.

  • Yes, many other homeschools offer the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus as this is the most popular qualification in the whole world.

4. Does the government of Malaysia recognize the IGCSE certificate?

  • This question requires an elaborate answer: Once you get out of the Malaysian Kementerian Pendidikan system, it’s not easy to get back in.  This applies to all students who attend international schools and taking an international syllabus (Cambridge IGCSE mostly) all over the country. So, after IGCSE and A levels, you cannot apply to Malaysian Public Universities. But you can join any private universities and any of the twinning programs in Malaysia. Or you can go abroad to further your studies in any universities in the world. After that, you will be able to secure any job like anyone else but if you do medicine or pharmacy and you need your license to practice in Malaysia, then, you must have the SPM Bahasa Malaysia which you can take separately as a private candidate anytime after you reach the age of 17.

5. Is there any admission test?

  • Yes, please come and see us to discuss further.  Once you have decided to join us and once you have made the necessary payment, we will test your child.

6. Are there any other hidden fees?

  • No.  But, you will need to pay for books and the books’ cost is different for different year, so we can only tell you once you join.  Books fee will be once a year.

7. Are there any internal assessment conducted at the school level?

  •  Yes, we have 2 assessment each year.  Mid term assessment and Year-end assessment.  There is no extra fee for these assessment.

8. What about external assessment by Cambridge?

  • There is the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint which the student should take at the end of Year 6 and the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint at the end of Year 9.  We will arrange for you to take this exam at some Cambridge International Examination Centers. You will have to pay the examination fees for these.  In any case, this is not compulsory.  The IGCSE exam is the compulsory exam.

9. If my child is a fast learner, can he/she skip a year or two?

  • If your child is a fast learner, she/he can do 2 years of syllabus in 1 year.  There is no need to skip but we can cover more material within the same period.  Of course, the fee for the new year will be applicable once the child move to the next level, even if it is in the same year.

10.  Is there any risk in attending your homeschool?

  • None at all.

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