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Cambridge Primary & Cambridge Lower Secondary Leading to Cambridge IGCSE

Puregenius Sdn Bhd also seeks to become the leading provider of Affordable International Education to students in the community that we are serving, both online and offline.  For our local community, this may serve as an excellent alternative to our  local education curriculum or for fast learners, it can be even be an additional qualification.

We do this by leveraging expertise and resources from the expert, Cambridge International Examination.

We utilize proven and well recognize world class material that is prepared by experienced and renowned authors and experts.  We concentrate only on delivering the material with competence within an interactive and stimulating learning environment based on the use of theoretically sound methodologies, creative instructional practices, technology-related resources, and goals aligned with students’ linguistic, cultural and academic growth.

We prepare Cambridge Primary right up to Cambridge IGCSE and even A-Levels.  The students will take their Cambridge IGCSE Exam at Authorized  Centres around the world such as the British Councils.

The FUTURE International | Cambridge Learning Centre

Truly Global, Uniquely Local | Your Child’s Future is Bright with Cambridge

Our Programs:

  1. Cambridge International Syllabus for Primary & Secondary.

It is our main aim to make a high quality, Cambridge International Education available to every child regardless of nationality, race, religion, heritage, household income.  That’s why our very low fees (see below) are unheard of anywhere in the world.  It is the cheapest in the world.  Our teachers’ and administrators’ aim is to deliver the lessons to you in the most efficient and cost effective manner, hence, enabling us to charge minimal school fees.  We hope to bring International Education to the masses, to everyone in our neighbor-hood and even beyond.

  • Cambridge Primary (Age 6 to 11)
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary (Age 12 to 14)
  • Cambridge IGCSE (Age 15 to 16)


Details are as follows:

School Hours:   9 am to 1 pm

Days:                Monday to Thursday


Fees Homeschool Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus

Subjects:      Pls contact us or come and visit us for further discussion.  However, in Primary School right up till Year 9 (Secondary 3), we cover the basic 3 subjects namely English (all components including reading & writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, etc), Mathematics, & Science (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics components). We also do elementary Malay in preparation for Malay as a Foreign Language in IGCSE.  We are flexible to cater for the subjects of your interest in IGCSE (5 subjects).

Material & books at retail cost.

Who would benefit from this program:

  1. Children whose parents are financially challenged, who would otherwise not be able to attend international school as the fees are really high. This include children of international students studying in our local universities as well as children of foreign workers.
  2. Malaysian children who finds BM difficult and needs an alternative education which is recognized all over the world. Till now, there is  no alternative  to the very high school fees charged by the traditional international schools. The fees that we charged is affordable to most families.
  3. Foreign students who finds that the government school is too difficult because of the language (Malaysian Language) problem.  They can avoid the problem entirely by enrolling with us.
  4. Smart Malaysian Students who finds that they need more challenging learning program, can enroll with us and set themselves up to sit for Cambridge IGCSE/O levels and subsequently Cambridge A Levels or Pre-U as an after school program. (they can continue to attend their SRK & SMK)
  5. Parents who have already decided to send their children to study overseas once they complete their SPM, why not skip SPM altogether and aim for Cambridge IGCSE/O Levels followed by A Levels/Pre-U.

With Cambridge Qualifications, the world is within your reach.

Students will take their Cambridge O Levels or Cambridge IGCSE as a private candidate at any school that accepts private candidate including British Council. Subsequently, students can pursue their Cambridge International AS and A levels.

For further information:
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