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Obtain an Internationally Recognized Qualification at a fraction of the Cost. 

Do this without ever leaving the comfort of your home, in your pyjamas.

In line with our mission to make a high quality, Cambridge International Education available to every child regardless of nationality, race, religion, heritage, household income, we are now offering online classes.  Our very low fees (see below) are unheard of anywhere in the world.  It is the cheapest in the world.  Why not try out our online classes now.

Online classes are better suited to independent learners.  This is because the student needs to log online and study from there.

However, you can always buy the one month class first to try. 

This is how the class is organized:

If your child is going to year 1, he/she should be able to read.  If reading is a problem, then, the student needs to take up reading classes which we can also provide.

If your child is going to year 2, then, he/she must take a year 2 admission test.  This test contains year 1 material.

The purpose of the test is to ensure that the child has sufficiently covered the year 1 material and is ready to do the year 2 material.

Similarly, this procedure applies to the subsequent years as well.

Material for 1 month of the class is uploaded onto Google Classroom.  You can access this via your computer or any devices. 

You are encouraged to download the material and print it out if you wish.

Your child is required to study the material from the Learner’s book & then complete the material in the Activity book. 

You may submit the material onto Google Classroom if you would like it to be marked.

If the students have any questions, he/she can ask them in Google Classroom.   A video or audio explanation will be provided as an answer to the question.

To access the online classes, the payment options are as follows:

Cambridge Primary , Secondary & IGCSE Fee Schedule: 

Cambridge Syllabus Fees RM
Registration Fee (Once Only)200
Admission Test (Primary)200
Admission Test (Secondary)300
School Fees (Primary – Y1 to Y6) monthly500
School Fees (Lower Secondary – Y7 to Y8) monthly700
School Fees (Lower Secondary – Y9) monthly800
School Fees (IGCSE Y10 – Y11) monthly – for 5 subjects900
Monthly Test (Primary)200
Monthly Test (Secondary) – for 5 subjects300
Mid Year Test (Primary)300
Mid Year Test (Secondary) – for 5 subjects500
End Year Test (Primary)300
Mid Year Test (Secondary) – for 5 subjects500
Y6 Primary Checkpoint Exam preparation/per subject200
Y9 Lower Secondary Checkpoint Exam preparation/per subject300
Cambridge IGCSE Exam Preparation/per subject500
Note for exam preparation: we provide material & mark your work & return to you.
Cambridge Primary , Secondary & IGCSE Fee 

If you wish to have the material for the whole year, you may do so by making 1 year payment (which is the fee above X 11).  So, for example you want to purchase material for Year 3 (P3), so you will need to make a payment of RM4400 (about USD1100). Once your payment goes through, we will release the whole year material to you.

Options for fee Transfer are as follows: (currently, only TT transfer is available – should you need to use other form of payment, please contact us)

TT (telegraphic transfer) to our Bank Account as follows:

  • Bank Name:  Maybank 
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Swift Code:  MBBEMYKL
  • Account Number: 501301517717
  • Account Name: Puregenius Sdn Bhd

Once payment is made, send us the payment receipt via


or  Whatsapp  to

+60 11 2080 0518

For trial classes, you just need to pay for 1 month fee.  If you have any question, feel free to contact us.